sun, campers, rain, mud….

It feels like an age since I last posted here.

We’ve had lots of glorious sunshine, and happy campers, and now we are back again to mud and to rain.

Needless to say the sunshine was fantastic, campers were all happy with the woods and the weather. I on the other hand appear to be never happy…. I love the sunshine, I love the woods, and I do love living here. I’m not quite so keen on some of the campers though. I’m not sure I’m supposed to admit to that but it’s true. Some do not love the trees, not as they should and that hurts. They leave litter, they trample indiscriminately and they do not consider the wildlife when moving around. Others, now, others are wonderful. They are gentle with the woods, they love the trees, they love nature, they clean up after themselves (although there is not much to clear up for them). Their children are happy with the trees, they climb them, they hide in them but they are gentle with them.

Also, I find it tiring, tiring to greet 10 tents worth of campers in a day, even 4 tents can equal 16 people. That’s a lot of people (even if half are children) for someone who finds meeting people difficult. I feel constantly tired from it. It’s OK though, I know it’s what I signed up for and that this is what provides me with my beautiful surroundings. When they are easy gentle woods lovers I find it easier, the noisy, TV missing nonecolivers I find much harder. Every visitor feels they have a right to pass judgement on our decision to live here. We are either mad, stupid, courageous, amazing or fantastically nuts, clearly destitute. I guess we have signed up to a life of judgements, but it again it tires, it tires to even just nod and agree, yes we’re nuts, yes we’re whatever label they decide to put on us.

And now of course the rain is back. It’s rained in through the doorway, right now I’m thinking a sewn in groundsheet would’ve been a better option, or the zip up. I worried though when we bought it that the zip up had more things to go wrong and the sewn in wouldn’t have given us the freedom to roll up in the heat. Also, it was just a festival tent, not a home at that point.

One thing this experience has definitely given me is a vision of where I want to be. I want to be in a community, I want to be surrounded by trees (but not necessarily right in the middle of them…), by people who feel more similarly about the world, I also have more concrete visions of our future but I’m not ready to share them with anyone but Nige just yet.

On another note, Nosey has been conspicuous in her absence these last 2 weeks. I expressed concern over her well-being and was very rapidly shot down. Ours is not to reason why, just to enjoy her absence. As it happens, I spotted her this morning so I guess she was just away for the duration. I’m glad, I cannot wish bad on anyone and I do hope that whatever the reason for her absence all is OK in her world. Maybe if she feels my positivity she’ll change her mind about everything.



Joy Pockets – thank you Holistic Mama

what a lovely idea, a pocket of joy – courtesy of Holistic Mama

Two small girls happily twirling
2 small girls running barefoot in the garden
skipping holding hands up the high street
4 small girls sharing everything
my husbands hug when I’ve had a hard day
Eddie’s smile when she remembers how much she loves her little sisters
The delight caused by a sheer piece of fabric, transformed into a veil, fairy wings, anything that springs to mind
our tealight chandelier
receiving a text from a distant friend
sharing a craft & watching the learning
what gives you joy?

festivals! yay

It’s been such a long time since I last blogged and I’d pretty much decided it was time to give it up but then I thought ‘things are a changing round here’ and so my blog could get interesting…. (please remember I only said ‘could’)

to start with we’ve been to two absolutely amazing festivals, both in May one for each bank holiday. the first was to wildheart at the beginning of May. Tis a pretty small festival with a very big heart. Lots of ceremonies, lots of workshops and lots for the little ones to do too – my only complaint would have to be the weather…. did it really need to rain quite that much on the Sunday? No? I didn’t think so either but clearly it was meant to be. The festival offered bushcraft, georgian singing, pizza making, chalk carving, a beautiful nest in the woods and a lake for swimming in (if you were feeling brave!) oh and of course compost toilets. we had a fntastic time, met two absolutely wonderful fmilies with whom we have since met up and are really looking forward to our next wildheart!

the second festival took place at the end of May and was wonderful in a very different way, as the name implies it is a small world where everyone lives together with mututal respect. the kids area was brilliant with loads for our little girlies to do, Boo went off one morning at 8.30 am after helping herself to heaps of fruit for breakfast (i did know she was off, she told/asked me) and I didn’t see her again until she returned at 12.30 with a pizza she’d made at the pizza workshop – how many places can you do that? the music was amazing, my favourite being The Undercover Hippy, the littlies slept through their performnce however – in the wheelbarrow wrapped in blankets. Twas a truly amazing festival and we will be returning next year. Even Noise had a fantastic time, she loved the music, the vitality, the vibe. We shared space with 3 faeries and a pirate, loved it, all of it. Compost toilets again, with the addition of a mens urinal and a shewee (communal 😉 ) The children were free, everyones not just mine and I came back feeling wonderful, truly energised and ready for my future.

I want more – festivals that is, both of the above festivals have a second showing coming up, small world in august and wildheart in Septemeber, on our wedding anniversary no less – so if anyone has a spare £150 laying round we’d love to spend our anniversary at Wildheart! Then there’s Buddhafield, Sunrise, and lots of lovely retreats oh how wonderful it would be to be able to attend them all!

And on the festival note mmmm bell tents, I want one – in fact we all want one. Would it be wrong to spend our wedding present ‘sofa fund’ on one?

chocolate, chard and cheating

Easter Sunday, a day of chocolate feasting for many. Luckily for us for the first year ever the girls received absolutely minimal chocolate from others (still more than desirable i.e. any, but an improvement) although Yogi did actually receive some!

We decided to not go with the traditional (for us too) Easter Bunny hides eggs throughout and be a little more honest with Boo and tell her that later on in the day we would set up an easter egg hunt. She did ask me about it, where did people get the eggs from if the EB didn’t bring them so I told her we bought them. She seems happy enough, she was still getting her easter egg hunt, but could thank us for the excitement rather than just expecting them to be there. She didn’t seem to miss the ‘magic’ and was thoroughly excited running round the garden hunting for eggs, for me it was better as I didn’t have to remember to hide them the night before or make sure I didn’t accidentally point any out. It also meant I could judge the weather and then decide whether or not to hide them outside. We did, but before they started they were ordered to ‘go find a basket each’ and it had to be a proper basket or they weren’t allowed to go hunt (Noise tried to use an empty ice cream container but got sent back!). The big girls enjoyed it (as always) and Boo seemed extra excited screeching at me for finding such good hiding places etc. It was nice, nicer than ever before I think. I only hid a few mini choc eggs each and then I also hid the ones they’d received from Grandma & another. Neither of the received eggs were big, Grandma did little ones, cadbury cream egg sized and ‘another’ bought the littlest size of the boxed eggs. So nothing too huge. I also hid two little bowls I’d made for Yogi & Boo and an easter egg colouring book for Boo and ‘Ten Chirpy Chicks’ for Yogi, Boo has the caterpillar version and we’ve borrowd the tadpole one from the library so I knew it’d be a hit and it was.










Onto the chard!

Actually it starts with the sowing of carrot seeds, onion sets, parsnips and beetroot. Boo sowed beetroot, radish and carrots in her trough and then decided she’d plant a cabbage plant and sow some chard too.

So, bed number 1 has the carrots, the onions, the garlic and the parsnips along with half a row of beetroot too. bed number 2 is for the legumes so not planted yet (except I decided to sow a row of rainbow chard) and bed number 3 belongs to the brassicas. I can’t remember whether I should have been planting brassicas just yet but I did – more about that in the next section….) bed number 4 is potatoes but that was a few weeks ago – although I should note we have shoots! Strawberries are surviving transplantation well and I even found a few more had popped up in the potato bed so they had to come up too! All in all a pretty productive time.

     parsnipsonionsbeetrootcarrotsgarlic1boos-troughthe-leg-bed-with-a-row-of-chard1next comes the cheat….

last years experience with the brassicas was so bad I wasn’t sure I could repeat it this year (and I haven’t got round to it yet either…. but that’s another story) so I decided to buy seedlings, quite big ones. Cheating but as last year was such a non-started I figured what the heck, it’d still be cheaper than buying the same veggies cheats-cabbage-broccoli1at the supermarket and I’d still have to take responsibility for their growth from now on so here they are


and then Yogi woke up and she joined us too