I am a stay at home, home edding mum to 4 girls (although only 3 of them are still at home what with time moving on and all that) living with my soulmate in middle of town, having moved from an idyllic but freezing/draughty/mouldy cottage in the middle of nowhere, a tent in the woods a house in a town….. We could have been Tom & Barbara Good (but me without the good looks and cute bottom – and he without the cardigans… and both a little younger) or we’d like to be (not older though!) – we no longer have a cellar, and thus no Great-Crested newts. Instead we will have wildlife of all varieties pretty much; not only around us but no doubt in with us – although I’m hoping they’ll at least have the decency to stay out of my bed! I’m not sure what life is about to offer up as we move to a house that is more disabled friendly, but it’s definitely a new chapter.

We’ve lived in towns, countryside and even a tent in the woods. Who knows where we’ll be 5 years from now? We continue to plant seeds in the minds of our children, we offer them a variety of experiences and resources and they seem to learn so all in all i think we’re doing pretty well!

I enjoyed the simplicity of living in the woods, but I didn’t enjoy the weather or the busybodies. I didn’t enjoy getting sicker and sicker but I hope I enjoy living in a more accessible house in a town where everything is accessible (hahardeharhar have you ever tried navigating anywhere in a wheelchair….?). Still, we do what we do when we do it because it is what we need to do. I have my family and I have my life. My husband continues to be amazing, my children continue in their wonderfulness, I just need to keep on helping the creatures grow and learn.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the message, great to hear from you! Love the picture of the family – what’s this about number 4 on the way? Congratulations! I shall keep checking back for updates on life in the proper countryside, only wish I had as much greenness as you guys have in my life. Must move out of the big smoke sooner or later! xxx

  2. Your life sounds wonderful, what Dsvid and I are striving for. We are getting there slowly. May take some ideas and inspiration from you and your blog x

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