Starting over

I say starting over but I’m not sure if it’s really starting over, we’re still us, doing what we do but we’re doing it somewhere different.

We’ve moved house, yet again but hopefully this will be the last move, possibly ever.

A year ago we made the decision to move to Spain to take care of my elderly parents, we gave ourselves a year to get ready and to be honest the year has flown by, we really needed more time to get everything done – but also absolutely dragged, both my parents were admitted to hospital at the same time at one point.

We’re here now though, we arrived a month ago, and here we have land to do some of the things we’ve always dreamed of. We have 5 hens at the moment – Light Sussex, the plan is to grow, breed and then eat them. Chicken here isn’t expensive but I want to know my dinner had a happy life before becoming my dinner…. next step is clearing some of the land to grow veg and then rabbits. There are future plans but we’ll wait a while for those, mainly because I’ll need The Husband here full time to help with the bigger plans and in the initial stages he will be continuing with his job in the UK.

I think we’re going to be happy here – well, in truth we’re already happy here but our new life needs adjusting to, time is different here but also we’re now living with 2 slightly batty elderly people with needs of their own and routines of their own, we have room so we are not in each others pockets but it is taking some getting used to for all of us (although this evening The Husband and I managed to sneak off at 10.30pm leaving Abuelo (granddad) watching Rio (the animated film) with the girls so we could eat razor clams & king prawns in peace (Boo would’ve scoffed the lot before we’d even opened our napkins if she’d been with us!)). That might be too many brackets for some but I think it works…..





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