getting somewhere

in the days since I last blogged things have been moving along. I’m feeling a bit better – whether this is finally the effects of the medication change in January or just naturally something that is happening I have no idea, but I welcome it. Unfortunately with feeling better comes the tendency to overdo it. I can walk (albeit a little bit like a staggering drunk at times) so therefore I will walk, which has led to a little bit more sleepiness…. it means I sleep better at night, but it also means I feel the need to nap through the day! (and by feel the need I mean, I nod off from time to time). Whatever, I’m just very glad to be moving about more freely and just generally more. I can’t go far but I can go and that is such a massive relief and improvement.

In terms of foodie stuff, I’ve been trying really hard to eat my daily quota according to Dr Wahls but unfortunately the complete and utter lack of appetite I’ve had for almost a year now is making it so difficult, added to the fact that I can’t really taste much anymore means I really am not eating enough. You’d think someone who was overweight would be happy with this but of course, I realise it’s adding to the tiredness (and Nige would say the grumpiness…). I am trying and there are days when I get my 9 cups of veg/fruit in and there are days when I don’t, I’m not eating as much protein as I’m supposed to be, or as much fat but I am eating as much as I am able to manage. We’ve managed liver & heart, both good for you, I’m adding a tsp of dried seaweed (I can’t remember which one but it’s red) and where I remember also some nutritional yeast flakes. So, I’m trying but I’m not eating clean as I should be.

Yesterday I made yuca root calzones – they were delicious and I suppose technically paleo – no grains, no potatoes, no dairy, no legumes but I think they were very cheaty – I’m not sure blended, boiled yuca root rolled out as a pastry is really clean – although there were no dense nut flours which I guess is good. Even Yogi ate half a calzone, loaded high with delicious home cooked roasted chicken and a tomato,basil & onion sauce that I concocted. It was indeed delicious – and for ‘pudding’ we had the same pastry but with an added bit of coconut sugar and loaded with dark chocolate chips! It felt really decadent – I literally only managed a calzone and a small chocolate pastry (ravioli sized) and felt I had eaten plenty – but there was no heavy bulky bloated feeling that can come (and pretty much always does for me) after eating pastry! Making the pastry was a long and laborious task but I think it’ll become easier with practice and to be honest the joy of watching Yogi (and Ed) eating something so healthy with eagerness made the effort involved completely and utterly worth it. The yuca root proved a tough root to blend in the Optimum 9400 but by doing it in smaller batches it actually became relatively easy, it was the ooey gooey stickiness of it all that was probably the hardest thing! Here’s a quick pic Nige took, right by the pile of washing up that resulted…..


So, I guess that’s it for today. So far, I’ve managed to eat nothing so I’m off to make myself a pineapple, orange & spinach smoothie – which is probably my favourite, unfortunately Yogi still refuses to eat anything with green in it so I’ll be keeping this one completely to myself!


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