getting well mission part2

Well, we took the plunge and bought a blender – not just any blender but a super dooper Optimum 9400. It seems to be doing a fantastic job of smoothing everything – well almost everything, I’ve had a couple of issues but I think it’s just practice that’s required.

Yogi, has taken to having a smoothie a day. So far, nothing green, no green coloured smoothies, she’s absolutely adamant that she won’t be trying anything green…. She is however perfectly amenable to adding a tablespoon of pea protein, and some flax seed too so she’s improved her intake already. I’ve also snuck some spinach in from time to time, it seems to be quite good at hiding in amongst red/purple berries. I haven’t tried making any hidey cakes yet but that’s because I’ve had a tiring week. Tomorrow I have a child-free day (just as long as their first ever sleep over works out!), I will attempt a beetroot cake then.

I’m doing a bit better, although possibly overdoing it, which means that when I’m not actually doing something I feel ready to drop (and have found myself asleep in the middle of the day/park….) I’ve been trying things out by walking without my crutches if I am only going from the car to somewhere close by and I seem to be doing ok. I don’t think I’ll be climbing any mountains anytime soon but I do feel that something is lifting. I’ve been (for years) looking at different ways to eat to help health, I’ve been paleo before and generally do my best to eat as close to as possible but now, following the Wahls Protocol I’m hoping to make some real, life long changes. I’m not swearing I’m ready to be completely healthy eating, and I’m not expecting a miracle cure but if I don’t try everything I can then I can’t really complain that I’m not improving.

and today I leave you with Bob & Millie



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