repurposing a doll bed into a fruit basket

Today was a day of calm for me – amazingly as Boo had a friend over to play.
While the children played I sat and repurposed.

I picked up a toy Moses basket from a charity shop, about 3 years ago now, with the intention of fixing it up. It has sat waiting all this time. I almost did repair it, on about 3 separate occasions, but my heart wasn’t in it. It just didn’t seem like something we needed/wanted. The girls co-slept and didn’t use baskets so I suppose it didn’t seem right to get them to do this with their babies. Today I realised we needed a fruit basket, and considering fruit is a large part of our diet I decided we needed a largish one. I wandered round the house, and garden trying to find something suitable but couldn’t find anything and that was when it occurred to me to take off the shaped edge of the Moses basket and make an original fruit basket. A nice, oval, fruit basket. Of course once you cut some off you have to re-affix the edge. And then of course there’s some of the original damage that still needed repair!






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