a new perspective for me

It’s been a long long summer. We’ve had lots of fun, we’ve had lots of good times. We’ve also had a tough time in so many ways. Overall it has actually been a very positive experience. The girls have had a great time and I seem to have finally emerged from years of depression. So, for all my rants on here about our time in Wild Boar Wood I have gained an enormous amount. Possibly from having had such an awful time at times, it gives a new and improved sense of perspective.

I think I now value my family and my friends so much more, I know what is important in my life and what is not. I also discovered that when I think there is a problem and I hide it and internalise it because I think it is imagined or out of perspective it can turn out that it isn’t always. A whine might turn out to be a completely founded complaint and by sharing it I might discover I’m not being negative and paranoid as I’ve led myself to believe. It’s time to have faith in myself and my intuition. My depression has made me ignore my intuition as I believed it was more than likely the depression talking. Obviously there have been times when that might well be the case, but not always, and likely a lot less now that I can see the light that’s all around rather than being dim and distant at the end of a tunnel.

I’ve discovered people aren’t always just being polite when they talk to me, some of them do actually like me as it turns out I’m not that bad after all. So, a time of nurturing friendships is ahead of me. Look out!



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