A few little breakthroughs

We may have had a small breakthrough in the weather….

Nige has been hard at work trying to get me through the tough bits, he’s a star, an absolute star.

Yogi, the angel, (except when she’s not…) ate risotto tonight. Now, in 4.25yrs she has not eaten rice. She just does not eat rice. Rice it seems has always been physically unable to pass her lips – some kind of force field/rice repellent I suspect. Well, tonight, she did it, a whole, Yogi-sized, bowlful of risotto. AND it had courgette and mushroom in it. I told her to not look at the spoon, let me feed her a little bit and see what she thought of just the flavour. It turns out she likes it, I guess risotto is softer, less ricelike than, well, actual rice but she’s been offered it countless times in her life and never tried. I probably won’t give her risotto again tomorrow as that would probably be a little bit foolish. I will try again though, and now I know it is possible to succeed.

I should add Boo ate her risotto too, even with the courgette in it, which I had told her she could pick out if she absolutely had to.

It’s not raining, so I am going to attempt to sleep. Zip no nearer to being fixed, but hopefully it will happen just as soon as I source a zip.


One thought on “A few little breakthroughs

  1. I’m sorry to read of your planning and neighbour woes; people are so closed-minded sometimes. But the bell tent thing sounds lovely, despite the mud, and I’m hoping that things will shift, the weather will improve, and relationships will become harmonious…

    Interesting about the playgroup dynamic, by the way – we’ve been having lots of conversations about this sort of thing because the school that Hero is going to attend moved their start-date from January to September because of funding wrangles. This has given me lots to think about, given that I was already deeply ambivalent about the whole notion of school… Ho hum – I begin to realise that there is no ideal answer!

    Perhaps the next time we’re in Sussex we could manage to meet up again?

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