A minuscule/quick update

This experiment is not necessarily working out as planned.

Our tent zip has NOT stood the test of time – the rain and the in and outs seem to have been the death of it.
A non-sewn in groundsheet in the UK – a definite mistake.
Our precise location in these woods is awful – we are living in a constant bog, with not enough sunlight to charge our solar fairy lights.
Cooking outdoors is lovely – but only if it stops raining long enough to actually make it possible.
Our fridge set up is only going to start working when the rain stops – er that’ll be no time soon then…

In short, the idea of going to bed and not knowing just how far the rain will make it in is not attractive. Also, hoovering so as to totally discourage the mouse population from entering our tent is not exactly an option off grid – Cat should solve that though, another few days and he’ll be ready.

Tonight though, the questions are: how wet will everything be in the morning (or how much rigging things is Nige going to have to do to keep it all dry), and how many mice will be joining us through the night.

It may be that I’m not enjoying myself terribly much currently.

Oh, and, excuse my language, some fucker has stolen our roof box.


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