Night capers

Outside the tent men’s voices can be heard, also the rattling/moving of iron bar type things…
Inside Belltent 1: Eds voice chat chat chatting
Inside Belltent 2: Ema strains her ears to hear the men’s voices. Unable to she desperately shakes Nige awake
‘Nige, there’s men outside’, Nige responds with ‘hhrgh, hunnh hurgh’, ‘No, really Nige there’s men outside I can hear them’. ‘hunnrgh’ followed by Nige’s silence. ‘Am I seriously going to have to go out there myself?’ no response, ‘really?’ Ema gets up, puts on wellies and head torch to investigate the noise. Across the field she can see an amber flashing light, several cars and can hear the clanking of metal, she remembers seeing a South East Water van there earlier. Relieved she heads back to the tent. ‘Mum, what’s that flashing light’, ‘it’s the water board’. ‘eh?’ ‘the water company’ ‘erm what’ ‘nothing don’t worry…’

Before she makes it back in to the tent she hears more noises, this time from by the fire drum… She approaches, softly, from out of a bag pops a tiny little brown mouse with big ears and huge, shining black eyes. He stares, daring her to make something of it, she smiles, tries to get a closer look, he runs off.

Back in the tent Nige continues to snore, oblivious of his wife’s night wanderings. Ed, has finally stop talking and goes to sleep. Boo & Yogi continue their blissful sleep, exhausted by the full day they’ve had, perhaps dreaming of the Ancient Egyptians they will be visiting the following day at Maidstone Museum.


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