Glorious sun & glorious mud

Well I survived another day – despite my mad rantings at Nige last night (think hunger,tiredness,release after a good day marred by ‘nosey’ on my arrival home).

Friends were seen, lovely friends, (M, you are a star and E is so adorable, V, so calm in spite of my whirlwinds…) Abuelas pressie was begun – we love Fun Pots – enamelware aquired (thank you M). Twins were had fun with – although Yogi has managed to chip both her top front teeth on the new water play equipment at the park, the library was visited and finally water supplies have been replenished.

Now, I’m home. ‘nosey’ has only been seen twice today – on my trip out at lunchtime which of course was the first (and possibly only) time I’ve crossed to get the car barefoot! My feet felt free after such a long time in wellies, but I’m sure she’ll make something of it. The girls are happily playing while I boil water to wash their very, very dirty feet (their turn to play barefoot now), and I am happy. It’s moments like this when everything (shh birds!) us peaceful and beautiful that I must hold onto when busybodies invade my space.



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