A beautiful Monday

What a fabulous day.

The first part of the morning was spent tidying the campsite and checking off kit – all present and correct.
A quick text to a friend confirmed her daughter would love to join us for a HE trip to a local museum for some jubilee learning and a spot of bunting making, we picked her up and headed off. Museum trip was brilliant with a good bit of catching up done for the parents and learning and friend seeing for the children. A trip to the park for more of a natter, and some running, jumping, climbing for my two and some getting to know you for C, who is new to HE.

On returning C to her parents I got to indulge in the soon to be new member of our family, who currently does not have a name – and for this there is no rush.


Her name will come to us.

Of course my return home was slightly marred by the vision of the neighbours car parked at the gate to the field… after suitable amounts of ranting at poor Nige, I finished my sulk and hopefully an ‘over it’ for tonight.

Tomorrow brings get togethers with friends, and hopefully a little more of the beautiful sunshine.


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