A positive end to a difficult week

Following a very difficult week I’ve made some decisions that will hopefully improve life for us – even if the neighbours don’t magically disappear…

I’ve resigned my position as SE Region Coordinator for NCT, this will take quite a bit of pressure off me. I won’t feel I need to solve branch problems, and I won’t dread speaking to negative branch volunteers. I’ll miss the friendly ones and the positive ones and I will actually miss helping the ones who are struggling, just not the hostile ones.

I’ve also decided to hand in my notice as nanny for the twins. I’ve been toying with this for a while as I don’t think the relationship is working, they don’t respond as I’d hoped they would after 14months. Also, as it is now only afternoons, it has a really big impact on our Home Ed. There are so many events I have to decline, so many workshops and museum visits that my girls miss out on, because I have to be back for 2.30pm. I think if the twins reacted more positively to our life this could be ok, but they don’t and Yogi ends up crying whenever the girls are with us. I spend so much of my time trying to get the twins to interact that Yogi gets left behind/out. Obviously this isn’t instant, I still need to hand in and work my notice but at least I know, and Yogi will know that it’s going to get easier.

I’ve also decided Yogi won’t return to playgroup. A bigger relief than I expected, again, it impacts so much on daily life that it has turned into a complete negative.

As a result I feel calm, and I’m looking forward to an exciting week; a trip to Maidstone Museum to dally with Egyptians and the Electric Palace, in Hastings at the end of the week for some musical action with Oliver!


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