A new sunny day

The theory is to keep going as though no one minds that we are here.

The sunshine helps an awful lot here. When you wake up to the sun streaming through the canvas and the birds singing it’s difficult to begin with anything other than a smile. The harsh reality of Niges alarm clock puts a momentary damper on things but, literally only momentary.

Boo snuggled in with us sometime in the night – it really was cold last night… Rather than an annoyance it’s an opportunity to watch and feel her being still. She’s such a busy little soul all of the time it’s rare to catch her truly still.

Yogi goes to playgroup, I’ve said this before. I’m really finding it an annoyance and interference in our lives now though, and so is she. She moans about missing out on time/stuff with us. I think it’s time to knock it on the head. I feel reluctant to withdraw her as Linda, the leader really is lovely, as are all the ladies that work there, but now I think it’s time. She’s still enough, just about, to let Boo have time with me. If I had family here I would probably never have gone the playgroup route – or if I had supportive friends. I don’t though, so it is just me and the girls Monday to Thursday all day, each day. Our weekends have always been too hectic. Now though, now, I think there is space for each of the girls to come to me in their own time and be with me without the other needing to come and jump and climb on me. So now, I think it’s time to give up playgroup. It was only ever really two mornings a week and up until now only 2 1/2 hours, but now the hours have increased and she’s expected to go three mornings rather than two. We don’t need the space from each other so I think I’ll let the playgroup place be free for someone else who actually needs it.

On that note I can plan our day ahead, free from the need to be in HH by 9.15 and to be back to pick her up at the now later time of 12.45.

I think we’ll visit our farmer friends this morning. The girls can feed the sock lambs, maybe they’ll get to ride the ponies, who knows – the day is our own. If they’re lucky they’ll get to see piglets born, we missed the last lot born Sunday as we were busy here saying goodbye to our weekend campers. Oh, and Yogi will get to see/play with her new kid that the Harriss’s have gifted to her.

An update



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