Not a happy bunny

I would like for people to leave us alone. It seems as soon as we feel settled someone (neighbours,planning) feels the need to unsettle us.

Apparently, if we had a ‘caravan’ rather than belltents we would be more ‘temporary’, we would be more easily accepted. I didn’t think tents could be less temporary than anything…

Also, why do we need to live here to tend to the woods? Why do we need to be here in order to get to know the woods to cut and clear? Why don’t we just come in and hack and chop…

If we just came and went I think we’d easily miss the orchids that were found yesterday, we wouldn’t see which tree the toad had as his home, we wouldn’t be able to care and love these particular trees as we are coming to do.

I think people should either object and then refuse, rather than allow and then gradually unsettle, continually ask for differing justification. Ask the question, listen for the answer and then accept. Do not keep digging for more questions that you didn’t originally have that have already been answered and are already answered but that you want worded in a different way in order to tick some fucking boxes, calm some small minds.

My life is just as valid as yours, my choices are just as valid. If living my life my way doesn’t actually impact your life (it certainly doesn’t in this case) then please, be kind, be considerate and let me live it. I constantly consider my impact on others, it would only seem fair that others did the same.


3 thoughts on “Not a happy bunny

  1. It’s a recuring problem if you ask me, anything that deviates from the norm, that being kids in school parent working 9-5 jobs is generally frowned upon, I have no idea why though.

    As you say it’s all about box checking and keeping people happy, and with people being far removed from nature I honestly don’t expect them to understand the need to be in the woods you manage so that you can get to know how it lives, people just see trees as things that grow and get cut down, they have no idea that a tree is just as much an individual as any person.

    Don’t let them get to you, and if they do poke them in the eyes 😉

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