Sun, mud, peace

It’s been a beautiful couple of days here. Plenty of sunshine, which means things are drying out – except our mud which seems to be here to stay as gloop. Nige is off to collect some bark to put down, but we’re going to leave it all another 24hours, give the sun a bit of a chance to do its thing first. I think we’re going to mop some if it up with hay too as it really is pretty awful.


Aside from the mud, this is why we’re here. Lots of space for the girls to be free, lots of hidey holes, lots of trees to climb, just so much exploring to do.


Yogi is loving it, she could do with another set of waterproofs but she really is loving it. I thought she’d struggle a bit more, cling a bit, but she isn’t. She is happy to do her own thing (except that she decided that while I was attempting to cook sausages for lunch would be a goodperfect time for me to teach her to knit), we’ve had a couple of incidents where she had got really muddy but couldn’t get changed because she couldn’t find her clothes, Nige has now ‘adapted’ their bed so that the underbed storage boxes fit and she can get her clothes herself so she is happy.

Boo is happy too but she is incredibly sociable and so wants to be in the main campsite the entire time. I think if we had families camping this weekend that would be fine, she’d play with the children a bit and then they’d go do their own thing. This weekend however, there are two groups. A group of ladies… And a separate group of men. Which means they’re not entirely family friendly. They all seem lovely but they are not ideal company for a 6yr old. As it’s our first proper sunny day we want to make use if our time here but it might be better if we went offsite. In fact Nige is just about to take the girls off to buy a chainsaw – an essential bit of kit that we had been lucky enough to borrow but now need one if our own. So, actually, Boo went from sad, to ecstatic in about 4 seconds. Who says girls like girl stuff! (Actually I’d quite like to go buy a chainsaw but the launderette and the library beckon.) Hopefully families will come soon, but now we’re here and houseless we can start inviting friends to play.

Ed, has missed the sunshine. She’s been off with friends. Now, I’d like to be annoyed that she’s not home etc but the truth is if you’d told me a year ago she’d have friends I wouldn’t have believed you. If you’d told me she would spontaneously (as in without having her arm twisted) arrange to meet them in town I’d’ve known you we’re lying or insane. Fast forward through one year of autonomous home education and that’s exactly what she’s done. In fact, she went even further; she saw an ad for casual work in the village shop, phoned the number, arranged an interview, coherently asked me for a lift AND got the job. So, not only is she better able to cope with her peers (and by peers I clearly do not mean a group of 30 15yr olds selected purely on their birthdate), she can actually also interact with adults to the extent that they offer her a job!

I’m going to eat my chicken now, while its peaceful and then I’ll take myself back off to the hubbub of town life. It Lindfield Arts Festival this weekend, maybe I’ll stroll in by… or maybe I’ll just use up all my afternoon in the launderette (see more waterproofs are what’s needed!)



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