Rain, rain, wind, mud

One more thing about this rain.

It’s so loud. It’s so loud I’m surprised the children are sleeping through it. It’s so loud I don’t think I’ll be falling asleep myself any time soon.

I’m glad the tree surgeon looked over the woods today (yesterday now), I’m glad he said that he thought the trees around were ok and that our tent wasn’t in any danger from falling limbs. Oh, that’s because as well as the rain being noisy its bloody windy too! Whoosh round the tent windy, throw stuff around windy, I’m convinced we’re going to end up in Oz windy.

I wonder what sight awaits me when I next open the tent flaps? It was pretty boggy out there when I arrived home and let myself in to the warmth of the tent. My boots squelched and slid as I crossed the field, in places they were almost sucked off my feet (why is it so hard to tell (in the dark) whether you have your wellies on the right feet). I can see just how the landrover got stuck out there earlier, I’d’ve liked to see it getting dragged out by the tractor – I wonder whether Tom took any pictures. Even though I couldn’t see much crossing the field (I hate the head torch and so always seem to not have it), I could feel the tracks that were made fresh today, first the farmers landrover, then the heavier duty tractor, deep, wide, tracks that were extra slippy and treacherous compared to the soggy but slightly grippy grass. Oo I almost felt poetical then… luckily I left poetry way back in 1981 or so…

Ok, so it’s now 2.23am and the rain seems to have stopped. Time to sleep I guess. Well, hang on, when I say the rain has stopped I mean the chucking it down, can’t hear yourself think, kind, not this pitter patter kind. Wind’s still going strong. Maybe I’ll dream of striped tights and ruby slippers – although they’re not ruby in the book I haven’t read that since I was about 8 so I can’t remember what colour they were!

Peaceful dreams guys.


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