Now is nice.

Right now it isn’t raining. It isn’t too windy either. I have a good fire going for when Nige (I think I’ve given up with pseudonyms) gets home. We’re going to have delicious pork ribs from the pig we bought from the Harriss’s.

Yogi has soldiered on today, she’s cried too – she finds having the twins quite hard. I’m hoping that’ll improve over the next couple of months as things settle here. Overall I think she’s had a tiring and emotional day as she said goodbye to the house, and so while I went off to retrieve Boo she put herself to bed. I’ve tucked her up now and she snuggled into me for a moment, she seems to be sleeping a contented sleep.

Boo has had a fantastic time, she loves the freedom. She loves the space. She wandered off earlier, and found Paul & Hugh – the campsite owners – setting up, she joined in, helped out. She’s happy with people, all people. She is going to totally thrive with all the different people that will camp here in this wood this summer. And I will get fit traipsing over there (it’s a 5 acre wood) to retrieve her at appropriate moments.

Ed seemed happier today, she hates change, she struggles so hard to cope and adapt but this was a change she wanted. I think that’s why it’s been hard for me watching her struggle to cope, if this is how she reacts with change she’s happy with… But it seems as though there might be light at the end of her tunnel. I’m pleased.

I’m not sure what the twins made of the mud. They seemed perfectly content with the compost loo and the weebale. E rolled her trousers up as high as they’d go, P just trudged through the mud. Give it a few weeks and hopefully it’ll work here for them. If it doesn’t I guess we’ll have to review arrangements. They seemed happy though, with their badges of muddy honour, when met by their dad at their door. Let’s take it one day at a time.


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