The rain has made it hard

I’m still happy to be doing what we’re doing, don’t get me wrong – but does it have to rain so much? Could we not have a small smidgen of beautiful sunshine? Actually we have had and when we do it is beautiful, but the rain is horrible. Everything is wet and muddy (outside not in).

Even Wildheart Gathering was so wet and horrible I cried. Not once, but about 6 times. I love the Beltaine gathering but this just felt so hard.

On the plus side, returning after a weekend on someone else’s muddy ground, pooping in someone else’s compost toilets and sleeping in someone else’s (4 foot) belltent (thank you dear friends for the loan) I was so glad to be home. Glad to wade through our mud, poop in our compost toilet, pee in our weebale, and to snuggle down under our duvet in our bed. Bliss.

And then the rain came again and the trek across the field to get to the car and then later to get back. I think I may end up slightly slimmer, and with a new appreciation of ‘dry’.


This is the field I trek across (and so do Boo & Yogi).


This is currently my fire pit (the quagmire we live in prevents us digging a pit). And so, where I cook.


Time to leave the bricks and mortar for almost the last time, make the trek across the field and snuggle down next to Tom.


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