Our first Sunday

Sunday morning and instead of getting to enjoy the woods/rain soaked bog I get to head off for an NCT Nearly New Sale bright and early.

Whilst I was gone Eds boyfriend E dug trenches, Tom and Eddie sorted and sorted and things at home are looking clearer. I met up with Tom at the house to get some more sorting done and then finally I got to see how our boggy home was doing.

My first sight of the trenched site was brilliant, it looked so much better than when I’d left in the morning, it felt like home. The weather had cleared a little and it looked like we were in for a calmer night. Tom cooked bolognese over the fire, Boo & Yogi stuffed it down and then went to sleep. We had ours and headed into Eds tent for a game of ‘Escoba’, a Spanish card game involving the number 15, some confusion on the part of all those brought up with 52 not 40 cards in a pack (everyone in the tent bar me…) and some not so lovely mulled wine.

The weather stayed calm, the night was peaceful and had it not been for Yogi waking up in the middle of the night with earache we would have actually got a whole nights sleep! The earache was solved with some cotton wool and cuddles. The rest of the night was uneventful and Monday morning dawned bright, and beautiful. The only fly in the ointment the need to travel to town for 9.15 for playgroup…..



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