The move part 2

Saturday night was pretty impressive. In an ‘oh wow I can’t believe how loud and wet and wet and loud it is’ kind of way.

I spent the day at home tidying and packing, knowing it was J’s party that day so we’d lose some time but being happy with that as we love J very much. The weather had remained pretty much ok all day but as tent time approached the weather deteriorated. But the beds were in, everything was ready there was no way on earth we were going to spend the night in the house. So, we had hot chocolate and snuggled down for a very wet and very windy night.
The girls and Tom slept fantastically, I on the otherhand spent the night checking; checking the rain wasn’t coming in, checking the fire was still going, making sure there was a tealight lit in case the girls woke up, checking they were covered up (but not too covered), that they were warm (but not too warm), using the Shepee Tom set up, hoping Ed was warm enough and then finally sleeping! The good news is everyone was warm enough, stayed dry and slept.

The area outside the tent looked pretty boggy this morning!


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