The move part 1

We are really doing this.

The move seems to be a mixture of incredibly relaxed and ever so slightly stressful.

Today I spent the day at the launderette trying to make sure anything that needed washing was. I should have been home packing but with so many towels and individual socks appearing at every turn I just had to get it done. The launderette in itself was an adventure, Boo came with me and helped me count coins, load washes (what goes with what and why), gold washes etc then we hotfooted it next door for a quick cuppa. We also got to experience the hows of repairing a brick wall without closing the launderette due to an unfortunate incident earlier in the morning involving an elderly gentleman, his car and the wall to the building.

The afternoon was indeed spent packing, finally the girls room was cleared, mine was begun. I never realised how many pennies I’d lost, more socks too… The bathroom (thank you Ed), the ensuite and most of the kitchen. A quick nip to the supermarket revealed a new discovery – chocolate coconut milk! Wow, an early trip to the woods was definitely required. As soon as Tom got home from a hard days setting up we headed back to light the fire and drink hot chocolate paleo style. The hot chocolate was absolutely delicious. The children were relaxed and happy round the fire and the set up looked amazing.

Reluctantly we headed back for our last night in bricks and mortar.


2 thoughts on “The move part 1

  1. Oooh tell me more about chocolate coconut milk – sounds yummy! Good luck with the move to the woods and I hope the weather improves for you.

    • Hi Elaine, weather has been good to us today… Saturday not quite so! Chocolate milk is Kara, dairy free. It does contain sugar but no wheat, no gluten. We use the original plus calcium for most things but I saw that and figured we could try it – it is amazing!

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