Paleo snacking

Our trip to Forest Row resulted in the purchase of a ton (well that’s what it felt like) of paleo snacks. I can’t deny it it, Yogi & Boo like to snack. So, Seasons was my port of call and we came away with this little haul


In there you can see Brazil nuts – just two a day can fill you up on minerals you didn’t know you were missing, sunflower seeds, natural dried apricots, raisins, coconut chips, hazelnuts and almonds amongst other things. The girls are happy happy happy and it’s all good and healthy.

As a result of having a cupboard full of deliciousness I was able to make this


A paleo cereal bar. It is supposed to contain cacao nibs but I’ve been struggling to get Yogi to try it as they are quite bitter but, this time I cheated a little (you might just be able to see that in the pic). I added a tbsp of cacao nibs and also a tbsp of chocolate, chipped. I used Montezuma milk chocolate so that it wasn’t as bitter and hope that I can convince her of the loveliness of the cereal bars and then swap the choc for cacao without her really noticing! Overall it’s a lot of cereal bars to a very small amount of milk chocolate (4 small squares) and so I feel the end definitely justifies the means. If this was just about me changing my diet/lifestyle I wouldn’t have compromised but this is also about a 4 year old little girl who needs healing.


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