Open Letter to Jenni Murray

This post from Paleoworks really hit home with me

Open Letter to Jenni Murray.

I’m trying with paleo eating, for me a low day really does result in thoughts turning instantly to chocolate. I know that there is history there that helps that thought process but it’s something I really have to fight, don’t always but must. Part of the reason for the switch to paleo living is for my children, I don’t want them to ‘need’ that fix, I don’t want them to associate chocolate and cake with ‘treats’ or ‘comfort food’, it is down to me to ensure my children don’t think the way I always have.

I know that the 3 months that I ate completely paleo (up to, including and beyond 25 Dec 2011) I didn’t crave sweets, chocolate or cake, I happily didn’t eat those things or want them in any way. I lost a stone and I was happy, not about the weight lost but about the feeling of wellbeing, the lack of artificial sugar highs and awful crashing lows. I never felt particularly ‘full’ (read overfull)  but I was always satisfied. I love meat, I love seeds and nuts and I really don’t mind the majority of vegetables (there are a couple I could happily live without though). I still can’t work out what it was that tipped me back over – although at that point I hadn’t yet convinced Nige that we should all be eating this way and it became easier for him to do the shopping online and in crept the crispy southern chicken, and the pizzas. I think also the fact that I nanny twins girls who eat no vegetables or fruit meant I thought I had to compromise my daughters diets in order to cater for them, and I did feel crappy and disheartened on days when they didn’t eat.  I know now I don’t. The twins eat bolognese – well that’s easily paleo, they’ve all learned that it doesn’t come with spaghetti now. I’ve found 97% pork sausages with the only added ingredients being herbs and balsamic vinegar. I can do easy food that they will all eat without compromising our way of life and so I must. Ok, the twins still won’t snack, but maybe they will, maybe one day they will reach out a hand and try the grapes (actually P ate 3 grape halves the other day) or the nuts, maybe one day I’ll be able to send them home having eaten vegetables. In the meantime I can know that although they didn’t eat vegetables (apart from the ones I managed to hide in the bolognese) they didn’t eat crap either.

Besides as of Friday we will be living off-grid, not that easy to cook junk food on an open fire (well certainly no easier than real food), no freezer to store it and no incentive to buy it. I’ve been buying purely paleo for the last 3 weeks and I’ve actually halved our shopping bill. Not living within walking distance of a supermarket/any shop will also mean I can’t indulge when I think ‘but I have to have a chocolate bar/packet of biscuits’ etc

Thank you for your letter to Jenni Murray, you’ve reminded me why I made the choice to eat better and why there is no reason to go back.


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