Paleo Lunch


My lunch, delicious. Totally paleo due to these wonderful, fantastic, 97% pork sausages I discovered in [whisper] tesco


Even Boo & Yogi are eating Paleo these days. Boo substituted the sausages for prawns today (yay) and I still haven’t managed to convince either of them of the merits of beetroot – even the idea of pink wee doesn’t sell it.

I’m really hoping the girls grow to love paleo and miss ‘sandwiches’ less and less. Yogi, especially craves them, and pasta too. It’s her though that’s really got me motivated, she’s been ‘coming down with something’ for a year now – and still hasn’t. Her skin is rough, her nose is runny, she whines, she sleeps badly, she’s always tired. Ed suffered similarly at the same age, her paediatrician diagnosed wheat, dairy, soya & chemical additive intolerances. She also put her on an anti-candida diet for 2 years, within 6 months she was totally transformed. Considering I can’t even get my GP to spend more than 30seconds with Yogi & all I get is the “she’s coming down with something”, or “she’s probably just getting over something” lines I think, actually, I know, it’s time to take responsibility and repair my child. Will I get support from all those I meet? Probably not, do I care? Not at all. This paleo diet isn’t that far from the diet Ed was required to eat, meat protein, veggies, fruit, nuts & seeds. No grain, no dairy, no refined sugars, no processed foods. Sounds (and tastes) bloody good if you ask me.


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