The week so far

Well we have tried out our new homes – bit of putting them up and taking them down as we’re not quite ready to leave them up yet. First pic is Eds tent, second is ours. It was good to try as it helps to visualise our space and also to give us an idea of the fixings we will need instead of tent pegs.




Also this week I finished the washing liquid, I like it but I think it’s definitely a more machine than hand liquid, I think I’ll probably be using old fashioned soap for hand washing. Just as I used to at my Abuelas all those years back. Launderette trip number one will take place tomorrow, Friday. Wish me luck, I haven’t been to a launderette since 2001.

I also made lip balm the other day, Tom was complaining about sore lips so I melted some beeswax, in some almond oil and added a dash of honey – results can be seen above. Tom seems quite happy with it, I made enough for him and Ed, no complaints from her yet either.

1tbsp beeswax pearls
4 tbsp almond oil
Half a tbsp runny honey.



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