An afternoon of craftyfun

An afternoon spent crafting, seriously 1pm until 4.45, a quick walk to town to buy salad, quick munch of the salad then a return to craft & some imaginative play.


Seasonal tree fingerprinting yogi & boos version with the grass and snowdrops, the twins without.


Poster paints on coffee filter paper, cut out any shapes that happen to occur and stitch ’em all together – twins loved it with P asking about her mobley over and over. Boo & Yogi will stitch theirs tomorrow, the twins just handed me the next piece as I neared the end of the last.


We made people out of loo roll inners and then the girls – all four – made up a ‘play’ while I prepped dinner. ’twas lovely to hear.

The twins have never spent so long crafting, usually 3 minutes or so is their max but today I brought in lots of materials and we swapped and changed as they saw fit. Boo & Yogi were quite determined in their tasks – I love it when I remember back to when I thought their attention spans would never even equal those of a gnat…


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