soapytype witchery

I finally got round to making a Soap kitchen order, finally, finally, finally!

No sooner had it arrived, during my designated one hour slot, than I had opened it and got started. My first mission was to make laundry liquid. Now, you might ask why I decided to make this, especially first, especially considering we are now washing machineless and will continue so until October when we move back into a house. Well the answer is this, I wanted to. No, really although we have no washing machine we do of course still have laundry, and naturally it needs dealing with. I decided I’d had enough of grey old ecover and bioD is so bloody hard to get hold of round here and I have discovered a rather simple recipe via Pinterest, one that with a little alteration I’d be happy sticking my hands in over and over. Now, I know some people hate Pinterest, and some people have no idea what I’m talking about but the fact of the matter is I love it. Pinterest were recently hated by some due to their T&Cs, they have now amended these and hopefully those who said they’d come back if this happened will. I never left as I think I was pretty sure that once the issues were raised they’d be remedied.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. Laundry liquid, I found it via Pinterest (yes I know I already said), which linked to Frugally Green and this post in particular, now, I changed some things. I didn’t use Fells Naptha, instead I used Hemp soap from the soap kitchen, next time I’ll probably use my own homemade soap but I don’t have any of that yet. My borax and washing soda both also came from the soap kitchen along with the jerrycan I’ll be storing it in. I’ve used lemon and geranium essential oils. It’s all currently sitting waiting for me to visit it after the ‘overnight’  bit. I’ll update you with pictures and results once I’ve whizzed it in the whizzer and glooped it into the jerrycan. Now, the whizzing bit, that’s one of the reasons I needed to do it soon, the other is, as I said a need to do laundry. Pink moved out yesterday, and we sent the washing machine packing with her. Her need is greater than ours, I’m happy to hand wash in small batches and head to the launderette with the larger loads.

My next tasks are to make candles, ecosoy wax ones a la TEOTWAWKIblog, and then to make soap (or the other way round if it takes my fancy) , and to make table dens for J and the Twins – a desperate ploy to use up my immense stash of fabric before Tom leaves me (or dumps it all in a skip somewhere…..). I think that’s enough for now.


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