Life as it is, is changing.

It’s going to be all change here. The only thing going to stay the same is the actual numbers in our immediate family, and the fact that we home ed. Everything else is changing.

The number living in our household, how we live, where we live, how our day looks, how we cook, how we wash, clean our clothes, how we get our water, how we heat our home. In fact our home is going to change radically. Initially this will be a temporary change – currently about 6 months, but we hope that one day a variation of this will become our permanent way of life.

What am I talking about? Well, I’ve made noises in the past about tentlife and how I want to get away from this life that we lead, full of gadgets and convenience, it looks as though we’re actually going to get it.

At the moment we don’t have a complete yes from our potential landlords but the plan is to move into a tent (or to be more specific three tents) and act as wardens on the campsite. Bliss. Off grid bliss. No electricity, no telephone line, no running water. No convenient loft for storage. No instant, whack it up without thinking about it, heat. Our eldest, Pink, won’t be coming with us, she has opted to find herself somewhere to live. I’m sad Pink won’t come but it’s not her kind of thing (although I think it would do her absolutely the world of good). Ed is really excited, Boo and Yogi probably haven’t quite grasped the size of the adventure but, currently, they’re keen. Did I mention we’ll be in the woods? In our Bell tent? That the border of the woods adjoins a steam railway? That there is a wood burning shower? No? Well, all of these are true.

All that’s left to say is please, please let this happen, 2012 is our year.


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