A year of change.

2011 has been one hell of a year for us. Some things need to be forgotten, others need to remain at the front of our minds and others need developing.

We spent a total of 27 nights under canvas, attended 5 festivals, began new journeys, met new friends, embraced our not so usual lifestyle and generally came out of the year with a better understanding of who we are and where we’d like to be.

I felted, I sewed, I attempted (again) crochet. I learnt a lot about the Egyptians, about pond life, about armour & castles. I pursued my interest in things witchy.

We rockpooled, we pond dipped, we explored the woods. We identified plants, trees, and herbs. We saw rainbows and planets and even a meteor shower.

These are the things I hold dear, these are the things I hold on to.

I cried, I hid, I fought. We cried, we worried, we thought hard. We suffered loss, ill health, surgery.

These are the things we got through, but don’t want to repeat.

Our friendships suffered this year, our relationships with others have taken a beating but we are strong and the coming year will be better. We will renew our friendships, communicate.


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