Embalming, bombing, & invasion of the giant pigs!

This morning has been a busy morning. We ate a paleo breakfast; fruit, nuts & seeds. We embalmed an orange – lots of squelchy scooping out of insides & a bit of gagging from Boo (from the child who carefully examines raw fish heads!), and finally the sprinkling/smothering of salt.




Then it was time for the making of bath bombs… At the wonderful HESFES we bought a bathbomb kit which included all we needed – all things I have at home but with pots & pipettes & scoops , making it a ‘proper’ science kit and totally refillable. Yogi scooped & poured, shook & jiggled then spooned & squashed; then it was Boos turn. We now have a lovely smelling craft room with drying bathbombs.




Now Boo is happily staging the invasion of the giant pigs in our living room! An elderly friend has been encouraging our girls in the collection of squeaky rubber pigs and today Boo decided she’d build a train track for them to invade. I think it’s unconnected to the current goings in England, more likely connected to the cows that got out and misbehaved on the road in front of us as we travelled through the Ashdown Forest!


All of this and it’s only 11.20, at least there’s no fighting – although of course now I’ve jinxed it.


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