Not enough blogging too much tweeting!

Arse! Laptop screen is broken so phone blogging is all I’m going to manage for the foreseeable future. Also spent far more time tweeting & not thinking of blogging – due to laptop & time deficit.

Noise is home, not in an ideal kind of way – no homelife participation happening but at least we know where she is at night, and that (for the most part) she’s sober… She’s now started her new meds which (we hope) will help things along in a positive kind of direction. She’s agreed to be registered as ‘educated otherwise’ which is a big fat smiley, as she’s going to spend a minimum of 12 hours a week at home reading, researching & feedingback. She’s started helping at Yogis nursery one morning a week on a voluntary basis – so all is moving in a forward direction rather than a backward one! Yay for some positivity in our house – is this the affirmations paying off?

Ed’s now home ed, she deregistered from school Friday and so far is having a fantastic time. We’ve bought an AQA GCSE maths book and she’s keen to follow her heart with the rest of her learning! Maths book was her choice & it might well be the one GCSE she does – still haven’t told her dad about the change in arrangements but if he wanted a say in it all he really ought to give a stuff the rest of the time.

Boo’s steaming ahead (steam being my new favourite word thanks to a lovely day out with Earthenwitch & her little lovely) with her reading, her everything! She’s starting to read – with very little input, she’s building, letting everyone we meet know just what it is the Egyptians were up to way back in the days of pyramids & pharaohs, and of course – that key word…. socialising 😉

Yogi’s loving having having Ed home, there shouldn’t be favourites but they are each others and I love it because it means they have their own special person that isn’t me (as well as me if course because I am everybody’s favourite! )






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