Attempting a post via iPhone!

The #30dayplan is progressing, in as much as I’m getting through the 30 days. It doesn’t feel as though I’m achieving much although I am eating more regularly/properly – not actually regularly or properly just moreso than before.
Separate to that, or in conjunction or whatever, each feeds/impacts the other I guess, I’m really struggling with the teen parenting thing. My fairly reliable eldest has completely flipped, she’s withdrawn from college, she’s never at home/I never know where she is or when she might be home, she’s rude/gives us attitude. I know all of this is to be expected but she’s been so much better than a stereotypical teen up to now I thought we’d missed it. I’m kind of making light if it here but actually it’s really tough and most definitely my toughest parenting challenge to date, and I’ve got 3 more teenage girls to live through yet! I even thought today that if I got a ‘do over’ I’d skip the children bit. I’m not giving up or anything like that but it really does feel like my heart is breaking.

On a more positive note we headed to the Forest Row Home Ed meet up today (Boo, Yogi & me) and had a lovely time. We met some new families, did more felting, I love how much the children (and the adults) have grabbed this activity and hung on to it. There’s some beautiful pieces coming out of the sessions, I just wish I could remember to take pics, will attempt to just that when we meet up next month.
Ah and in the most exciting news of all we just spent our first weekend in our Belltent, twas wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I felt completely at peace laid or sat on our bed in there. The stove kept us toasty on the second night – as it was our first time we had to assemble & fit the flue kit this time and as we arrived late Friday night we decided not to do it then. We ended with 4 of us in one bed for most of the night (dad, mum, Ed & Yogi) with Boo joining us shortly before daybreak. That in itself was pretty lovely actually. It’s nice to feel Ed still needs me even if Noise doesn’t want to need me anymore.





One thought on “Attempting a post via iPhone!

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time of it with Noise – here’s hoping the sun will bring her a new outlook and some much-needed (from the sound of it!) clarity.

    And hugs to you, too, and more time in bell tents is clearly called for.

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