#30dayplan = fail:HE = success

I think I’m failing miserably at my #30dayplan – although the eating is going well in that I am eating 3 meals a day, I just can’t see me actually getting below 10stone, although I suppose it is early days and once I’ve got the 3 regular meals under control I can make them a little more ‘lightweight’!

I am completely loving my time with the girls at the moment (barring the unbelievable 24hour cold/flu thing I’ve just had).

We are still working on our Paper Mache solar system, just finishing off the Sun, it has needed several coats as it is so incredibly huge!

Creating the Solar System


Our next step is to look at all the planets again and paint them in their appropriate colours, and then of course arrange them as they should be. The girls have requested they be put up in their bedroom, luckily we have really high ceilings as that Sun really is quite huge! The thing I love is that they really are taking in the facts, even Yogi at age 3 knows what the smallest planet is, where it’s place is in the solar system and where we fit in. Boo knows how many planets there are, that there are 4 solid & 4 gaseous, that an asteroid belt separates the two (roughly speaking) and she knows the order of the first four, and the names of the second four – she also knows there used to be a 9th planet but it’s now known as a Dwarf Planet. They take all of this in because we talk about it, not because I teach them, as I really don’t. I read to them, I look at pictures with them, I create with them and I talk to them – any attempts to stand and ‘teach’ I think would be utterly pointless and make the whole process a lot less enjoyable.

That’s it for now, I have twins to collect!


3 thoughts on “#30dayplan = fail:HE = success

  1. Hey, there’s no failure here! If you manage to reset your eating pattern surely that’s the most important bit of it? The weight will come off in time, you know it well.

    Yay to HE successes!

  2. This is teaching at its best though! Personalised, practical, creative, interactive, fun.
    This is how every child should learn in my opinion.
    Can’t wait to do stuff like this with Esther and William!! Will just be wonderful!!

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