day 2 of my #30dayplan

Here goes the (belated) post for day 2 of my #30dayplan!

I managed to stay on track with the 3 meals a day thing, although breakfast was just a banana & and orange juice. We ate out in the evening – due to a day spent in London (I’ll add more about that in a minute) – and so I chose Spaghetti Bolognese as to be honest it seemed the least ‘creamy’ option that wasn’t actually salad – epic journeys meant I needed fortification. So, all in all I’m pleased with day 2. To add to that we walked to the train station, 1.1 miles away and of course in between bus stops and train/tube stations in order to arrive at the Olympia in Kensington. I also didn’t get to sit down much at the exhibition – although our 20minute bus ride did turn into an epic 40minute + bus ride so if you include sitting squashed up against the window with someone elses (complete stranger) 3yr old sitting on your lap a rest then I guess I did have that!

I will add that he was a very sweet 3 yr old, I enjoyed looking out the window and hearing his observations – very different from the observations my countrybumpkinbabygirls make about a trip through the city. It also felt quite different to be keeping a little boy safe from the bumping bus compared to a little girl, they are in deed made of sturdier stuff and in this little ones case not quite so boney!

UKAware show was good, the children had a fantastic time including winning some Chokolit by Louis Barnett, watching the wonderfully wacky Professor Kayoss and generally joining in the upcycling, recycling, energy saving theme! I partook in some ‘swishing’ where I traded 2 tops and a scarf for a new (to me) poncho & dress, Mr_Tom also ‘swished’, swapping 2 t-shirts he’d got bored of for some wonderful stripy cords & a new party shirt. Mr_Tom pointed me in the direction of a stand showcasing a new product, launched the day before (Friday), which I embraced wholeheartedly – and hope you will too as soon as it’s available Kleenap, 100% Tree Free toilet paper, the plan is to price it competitively and therefore appeal to both the green & non-green markets, it’s also very soft so nobutty loses out by going green 😉

There was so much more there to see but thanks to a ‘slightly’ tired & grumpy Yogi I didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked, although I did get to chat to the lovely ladies on the Juno magazine stand.

Can I just add that no one asked me to link to any of the above, but I enjoyed them at the show and so couldn’t help myself!

And yes, I do realise that this is probably the most garbled, rambly post ever, but if I didn’t blog it now I never would and I still need to catch up on day 3 of my #30dayplan – which I intend on amending, by addition only when I post day 3 on day 4…


3 thoughts on “day 2 of my #30dayplan

  1. Sounds like a really interesting day. I didn’t know anything about it, so thank you for sharing. I’d love to get in on swishing too 🙂

    Congrats on your day 2 – keep it up!

    • I think I hoped joining


      motivate me, and I think it is, because it’s public. Yes I need to mention my failures but as Jax says in her comment, there is some positive in todays/so fars failure – what we see as not suceeding others can see the small steps in. So, start the #30dayplan with babysteps and continue with bigger sized steps next month. Good luck x

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