Today is the 1st day #30dayplan

Plagiarised the title from Jax at Making it Up – I’ve decided to join her in her #30dayplan – although we have different goals, the plan (I believe ), is to support each other over the next 30 days to achieve our aims.

I’ve decided to get under 10 stone and to get back to healthy eating. Since a special friend of mine died just after Christmas I’ve found it really hard to eat properly. I have no appetite, food tastes unpleasant or not at all and so I end up eating corn thins & chocolate, because corn things are easy to eat without thinking and chocolate tastes quite nice really, even to me at the moment. The only thing is of course that corn thins + chocolate does not = a healthy diet. I have put on much of the weight I had lost preChristmas, and as a result of not eating anything nutritious I have managed to get my Hb levels down to 8.8 – I was threatened with a transfusion and, although I am diligently taking my Spatone (much more readily absorbed than iron tablets), I am still not eating particularly well.

So it’s time for action, Mr_Tom will be very very pleased to discover this as he’s been doing his absolute best to get me to eat properly (if he hands me a meal I generally eat it – only with a sneer on my face and no word of thanks) and I really appreciate all he has been doing for me. He really is wonderful and I hope he realises just how much I love him.

I’m not planning on ‘just losing weight’, I am hoping to get going with a walk everyday regardless of the weather – maybe it’s time to get a dog? I don’t just need to lose weight I need to get healthy again, I need to eat properly, exercise and cheer up. Grief can only be allowed to keep hold for so long before it’s time to get on with living.

Thank you Jax for kick starting this.


3 thoughts on “Today is the 1st day #30dayplan

  1. I can really relate to not eating well when you are grieving, although in my shoes it has started without the actual loss. We face losing my best friend’s son to leukaemia and it is truly devastating. You are inspiring me to take better care of myself so that I can better support her. Thank you.

    • Oh I’m so sorry, I’m glad that I’ve inspired you. It’s so important to stay well, not only for your friend, who will of course need you to stay strong but also for yourself. I’ve been feeling so awful physically as a result of not taking good enough care of myself, and of course feeling so physically awful makes the feelings of depression even worse. Take care of yourself and try to stay strong for you.

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