Paint, loofahs and tractors

Another day down. Interesting life we’re having here at ours. Won’t blog about it all – not because it’s boring, just because it’s all a bit painful – involves errant teens, health and the like.

What I will blog about is how Boo is coming along at Fun Pots her painting is really improving. She listens when any of the lovely ladies that work there (and they are all very lovely) give her advice and she takes real care to make sure her bisque items are painted as well as she can, she has also now reached the point where she wants them finished in specific ways, so now she asks me to add very specific finishing touches to things. To begin with I felt a bit unsure about this as it felt like interfering but actually, she’s just delegating. She doesn’t have the brush control yet to paint a very fine yellow thunderbolt on the side of her red racing car (Lightening McQueen) so she drew it on paper for me to transfer to the car, so long as I don’t add my own embellishments or correct/refine any of her work it is still all her work. You can clearly see which bits I painted at the moment and I think that is ok, so long as you realise I was just following very specific directions not making it up for myself. I think that’s progress, good progress from splodging on a bit of paint as quickly as possible in order to see just how many ornaments can be painted in an hour! In fact, she now spends several sessions on one piece and has been known to go back and take off the colours she put on during previous sessions after having thought about it. We do however still have days when she really could happily just slap a dash of pink paint on each and every piece in the shop!

Once Lightening McQueen comes home I’ll add a pic – see if you can spot the bits I did.

Yogi on the other hand is very much in the splodge and run category for now, but that’s fine too, I know that as she develops so will her attention span…..

I meant to get the girls out sowing seeds today, took them to Heaven Farm instead especially so I could buy a Michael’s Original scouring pad I did have two before we moved house and I absolutely loved them but they vanished in the move from there to here and it’s taken me almost 4 months to get to Heaven Farm on a day when the shop is open! Luckily they have 3 old tractors and a tea room so the girls had a brilliant time ‘driving’ tractors, and mending them, and cleaning them, and just generally climbing all over them!


2 thoughts on “Paint, loofahs and tractors

  1. Yay! Didn’t realise you were back blogging – have missed your updates. 🙂

    Felting looks fab – we love felting too, and I’m wondering where you got your bamboo mat from? I think the time is coming where I’d like to try a mat rather than bubblewrap…

    • The mats we used are just simply placemats from Ikea, my original was a sushi mat but to be honest it was a little bit small. These were about £1 each. It’s been brilliant if Yogi can manage then your little lady can definitely give it a go.

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