Of felt & such

The girls & I have been busy. The two smallest and I have been trying our hands at new crafts. We’ve been exploring new home ed groups, exploring our new town (on foot) and we’ve been looking after a neighbours twins. I’m not going to do a huge update post. I think it’s pointless as it’s been such a long time, if you want to know anything about what’s been going on over the last few months, comment and I’ll update you personally.

I will however update on a couple of things:

We’re now the proud owners of a belltent, a 5 metre belltent to be precise, complete with ‘tealight chandelier’ and stove! We still need to kit it out – so any offers out there would be very welcome!

I’m now nannying 2 1/2 yr old twins one day a week – not too hard work as they are lovely girls and of course a nice little bit of money coming our way each week.

We are loving home ed and all it entails.

I think that’s it on the updates, nothing else springs to mind.

My current favourite craft, and that of the small girls is felting, wet felting, needle felting we don’t mind we just love it. Boo has been needle felting a landscape, all her own design & all her own handwork – has been a tad scary at times for me but so far I think she’s only managed to stab herself once. I’ve been taking my wet felting gear along to one of the Home Ed groups (FRHE) on a Monday afternoon and so far there’s been lots of enthusiasm. This morning Yogi wet felted a house picture – with some placement help (she is only 3 after all!) and her very own treasure map, designed and placed all by herself, then wetted & rolled all by herself too. Boo wet felted a treasure map, with almost no help at all and also a small sheet of fabric. I just wet felted the piece that can be seen in my header – my plan is to take it into the next FRHE session (we only meet monthly) and show what can be made from it – flowers, purse .

We’ve also been getting to grips with stick weaving (i think that’s what it’s called!) it’s like pegloom weaving but without the loom, just the pegs! Boo has got the hang of it and is enjoying it, I like it but find it quite limiting. I’m using it as practice for the pegloom as once I feel confident my plan is to buy a raw fleece from Townings Farm (although they don’t usually sell raw fleece) wash it myself, card it and turn it into a rug for our belltent.


2 thoughts on “Of felt & such

    • we have the 5 metre and it doesn’t actually take up too much space.we could easily fit it in the boot of our nissan micra if we had to, wouldn’t be able to fit the 4 girls in the back of course but then we won’t be taking the micra….. the belltent is smaller and lighter packed up than our vango that we’ve just got rid of. do it, you know you want to!

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