we’re on the move

After nearly 4 years of living in this delightful house, in this delightful spot, having given birth here and got married here we’re now off to the big smoke (well actually it’s more of a little puff really but that doesn’t sound quite as good!).

We’re losing our chickens, we’re losing our outdoor space, our climbing trees, the space to build our music wall and our rather large allotment area. W e’re gaining a 4th bedroom so that our older two girls can stop sharing a space, we’re gaining a metre or so in the kitchen plus a breakfast area, we’re gaining a few metres in the dining room. Overall more indoor space, less outdoor space – but still room for a veg patch (albeit very small) for the girls to grow things, a patch of grass and a paved area for I don’t know what (our wonderful wedding presents actually). We’re also gaining accessibility, we can walk to town, to the park, to the woods, to friends, to the swimming pool it feels like a strange step but the right one to be making now, the big girls can walk to school/college and will no longer need ferrying around.

There’s been lots happening here over the last lots of months, I think I’m going to get back to blogging but until we get an allotment there won’t be a huge amount of veg growing posts, there should be lots of crafty posts though as I’m feeling inspired, I have lots of projects planned. The little girls will be learning from our new home too of course and so inevitably there will be any number of posts of things we may or may not do – I guess I’ll mainly post them here if they’re green, if it’s just learning stuff I’ll stick it on my other blog, the one I set up purely as a record for me of what the girls are up to and then promptly forgot about…. I’ve found it again now though.


2 thoughts on “we’re on the move

  1. You and me both! Good luck with the move. We love our new home, being able to walk to town, library, parks & eventually school makes all the difference. Keep in touch, SWDxx

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