more homemade….

and so even the education in our house will be of the homemade variety once more! yay for home ed, long may it be allowed to continue….

i feel liberated upon making the decision NOT to return those pesky school registration forms for our little Boo. what a relief.

i look forward to a return to ‘what we did today’ blogging – although i might keep those in another blog, not really sure what to put in this one though. never having pictures leaves me feeling uninspired. i often do things, or make things or find things and think how lovely it would be to blog about but without the photo the impact isn’t there and so i decide not to post

hopefully having now made that decision to home ed i’ll feel reinspired to blog, and maybe one day i’ll have a camera that takes pictures worth posting, but even if i don’t the things boo is doing are getting more newsworthy and so they might be worth posting even if the photo isn’t what it should be


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