home made life


cleaning products


all these things are homemade in our house. if i can make it i won’t buy it.

we have homemade deoderant (only Tom (and the little ones of course) not currently using – he uses a crystal stick which i slightly object to on the basis it contains aluminium and that’s why none of the rest of use shop bought…), home made lip balm, body butter, toothpaste (well, all except the babies (who aren’t actually babies anymore at all!) they still use shop bought toothpaste but it’s some wacky natural german brand with no fluoride and no SLS but all else is homemade), handwash, we no longer use shampoo or conditioner, just bicarb & cider vinegar. . Boo hasn’t had eczema since we made the change and neither has Eddie which is fantastic.

we use all natural cleaning products, antibacterial spray, washing up liquid (although we are experimenting with that at the moment…), floor cleaner, oven cleaner, i’ve made my own ‘toilet duck’, we don’t even use laundry detergent. it’s brilliant.

playdough, feels so much nicer than that horrid artificial shop bought stuff, you can choose pretty much any colour, and you can add whatever natural oils you like to make it smell nice, then you can add glitter to make it look pretty or not! and it lasts ages, i tend to keep mine it the fridge but i’ve given it out as birthday presents (and actually all the children that came to our wedding got it as a ‘party favour’) and recipients haven’t always kept it in the fridge – i have one friend whose sons batch lasted from September 12th 2009 to january 2010 and was only thrown out because it was replaced by a much larger batch made especially for his birthday.

i would post pictures of all but our camera is notoriously crap at taking pictures, if i get some good ones i’ll post, it’d be quite nice to have lots of little glass jars of homemade products all lined up, all in natural hues. lovely.

the only down side of all this natural stuff is that going to other peoples houses can result in screwing up of ones nose as the barrage of smells attacks ones nostrils! it’s amazing how much different washing up liquid made using lemon & orange oil smells compared to normal stuff, even ecover. and multisurface cleaner – wow the difference in smell there is incredible!

that’s it, i turn up waffle for an hour and then disappear again – hopefully not for very long at all…. hopefully i’ll be back. if you want recipes let me know, i don’t think i can post as some i have aquired via other blogs and some via books but i will happily link to others’ blogs for those recipes

i will quickly list the basic ingredients in my cupboard – these cover everything

sodium bicarbonate

acetic acid (concentrate)


liquid castille soap base


vegetable glycerin

fine sea salt


cocoa butter

shea butter

coconut oil

almond oil

essential oils


cream of tartar

these cover everything, and i can buy in bulk so i don’t need to keep buying. it does feel odd never walking down the cleaning products or toiletries aisle in the supermarket – odd but wonderful


3 thoughts on “home made life

    • 1 cup plain flour
      1/2 cup fine salt
      (try getting that when there’s snow forecast…)
      1tbsp cream of tartar
      1 cup water
      food colouring of choice

      add all to a saucepan, mix in well, heat gently stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. it will gradually solidify, at various points you may think you’ve mucked it up but you haven’t it just looks like it…. once it’s pretty much all solid turn out onto a floured surface to cool.

      once cool knead in 1tbsp oil ’til soft and squidgy

      use, or stick in an airtight container ’til you’re ready to
      simple and fantastic, the girls can play for hours and it lasts ages – only advice would be to remember to wash your hands after playing and before eating food with your fingers as the dough is super salty and transfers well…. not poisonous of course just yuk!
      are you still working away or are you free? we’re off on half term this week if you fancy it, or there’s always other weeks xx

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