yay, we’re married

the weather was lovely

all elements were in place (mostly – i forgot to pick the sweetpeas…)

our guests were wonderful – some even braved the compost toilets (after being given instructions by Boo)

more to follow at another time

i just wanted to say that now i’m mrs tom – although i’ll be keeping my name

oh and we had the most delicious wedding cake – pic to follow at a later date, like when i have some that aren’t just on facebook!

the sewing was worth it, as you’ll see when i get round to pics, and the memories of the day will be with most of us for ever (we think Yogi might not remember very much, maybe she’s just a little too small for that – which makes me a touch sad as it happens)


4 thoughts on “yay, we’re married

  1. I don’t pop in very often but delighted to know that you guys are “official” and that it was a great day judging by Rach’s comment. Looking forward to the pics next time I call in.

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