wedding prep (not for much longer though!)

things are happening almost constantly now… Tom’s busy with his prep and I’m busy with mine.

boo & yogi have tutu’s & costumes – although need to do black dye on leggings & tees to aid the effect

eddie’s dress will be ready tomorrow, as will mine

wedding favours in progress as we speak (courtesy of eddie)

tom’s built compost toilets, sink stands, steps, he’s brewed & measured & assessed, planned set lists organised helpers

i’ve sewn, & made & budgeted, planned & shopped & delegated….

rings have arrived, i’ve spoken to our lovely friend who’s making our cake, had my ‘dress panic’ and now i’m feeling surprisingly calm. just 5 more tablecloths to finish and then i can start on the ‘nice to have’ things,  the pretty finishing touches that we can do without but i’d rather not – after i’ve made tops for boo  yogi that is, oh and visited rogby & peller and done the annual school uniform shopping…….


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