i am so the crappest blogger in the world….

hello, i almost feel i need to re-introduce myself it’s been such a long time since i blogged.

i won’t though, that’d just be daft, you can just look at ‘about’ and then you’ll remember… or look through my previous posts!

wedding plans are spinning along nicely, all feels a bit like lots at the moment (erm i’m not sure what’s happened to my language skills but heyho)

we’ve just got back from 2 weeks in spain with my parents and other dearly loved members of my family and this time for the first time ever we had a guest! my soon to be mother-in-law came over for a few days. no one has ever visited out there before, it was really nice for me to share some of my life with someone who wasn’t actually my significant other and none of my other in-laws have ever thought enough of my family to visit so thank you so much mother-in-law to be.

i’m not sure what to write about first! so much has been going on since i last blogged once again i don’t know where to start.

i guess wedding update so i have it in writing somewhere so i can look through it again oneday (if i ever feel the need to torture myself that is)

girls dresses/costumes are all in handor completed.

noise is wearing the dress she wore to the masked ball, including underwear and shoes so she’s sorted.

eddie is having her dress made, lovely dress maker in nearby burgess hill is making it, it was originally going to be one colour and then this changed to be another – my main objective on the bridesmaid front is that they are completely comfortable so they’ve all chosen their own dresses, including colours (well except yogi who’s wearing what she’s wearing because one of the others has chosen for her!) – she’s having her fitting for this next wednesday so fingers crossed she’ll like it! 

boo has 2 outfits, one a ladybird costume which i designed and made myself (although of course i do realise that  mother nature actually did the original design) the second one she wanted and which i plagiarised from another blog with permission from the original author and which i will link to once we reach a point where it won’t spoil the surprise for those that might actually attend who read this blog, she’ll be wearing the same colour for this as noise, her request – ladybird is complete, second outfit just needs finishing touches but could do as it is

yogi also has 2 outfits, one a bumble bee costume, again designed by mother nature, borrowed by me and then the second the same as boo but in the same colour as eddie (at boo’s request) the choice of bumble bee was picked by both boo & eddie (eddie mostly though, boo just approves wholeheartedly!)  – bumble bee front and back just need attaching to each other then yogi’s completely sorted

 pictures will follow for the costumes when i’m not in the middle of dinner and trying to snatch a few minutes to blog….

my dress is at the dressmakers as we speak being altered slightly to suit me more (like being taken up as i’m such a shortarse and having adjustments made to allow me to wear a bra…)  it was a freebie. i went to a charity clothes swap in aid of cancer research UK and there it was, asking to be tried on even though i wanted a nice ordinary dress in a sensible design that i could wear again… french connection uk for the princely sum of £5 entry fee and 5 items of clothing to swap (i also came away with a pair of jeans, some pj’s for eddie, 2 pairs of trousers and 2 t-shirts!  i just need underwear!

tom has a shirt, that’s as far as he’s got. and in fact the shirt needs altering, by me. my mum has clearly taken to tom like she’s not taken to any of my other husbands in the past…. she has given him my grandfathers cufflinks as a wedding present, her father died a very long time ago, long long before i was born so she clearly thinks he’s a keeper! unfortunately the shirt’s not designed for cufflinks so i’ll be altering that. i also think it needs a rounded rather than straight hem as i know (i so totally do) that tom won’t tuck his shirt in.


that has got to be it for this update otherwise i’ll get bored too and if i’m bored you must be thoroughly… also if i don’t go now dinner will burn and the girls will all be rather annoyed at me


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