Where do I begin to update?

I guess I’ll begin with now and then gradually go back to catch up!

Wedding plans are on the go, lots of things booked in order to make it happen. Registrar, hog roast, portaloo company (m-i-l doesn’t fancy her chances with the compost toilet Tom’s been building!), trestle tables & chairs. 

Marquee & car parking agreed with the farm next door.

Invites are almost complete, compost toilet is on it’s way – frame built, just need cladding round it to hide ‘stuff’, elderflower champagne on the go, nettle beer just being begun now, as I type in fact!

nettle beer prep nettle beer-to-be

more on the nettle beer soon, the smell of the nettles steeping in the kitchen was really rather vile, I do so hope the initial smell isn’t reflected in the eventual flavour… mmm tasty

elderflower champagne batch1elderflower champagne (maybe – we shall see…)

The elderflower champagne on the other hand has smelt rather delish from the start (well apart from a bit of a cat-pee smell from the leftover umbels in the kitchen..), more on this later too.


One thought on “Where do I begin to update?

  1. Wowee that looks awesome! Sorry have been out of the loop for so long, well and truly back IN the loop now I hope! xxx

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