we’ve set the date!

Yay, finally after being engaged for 2 years we’ve set the date. The registrar + venue is booked, the Hog Roast is booked and those that we absolutely must have there (that aren’t us) have been told to ‘save the date’. Still lot’s more to tell of course but we’ll do that as soon as we’ve sorted ‘save the date’ cards (or maybe an email to be more green).

Not sure what to do about flowers as I really would like home grown sweet peas but I realise time is ticking away, luckily we only want minimal flowers not hordes so we might be ok. If not whatever we need needs to be local not imported and in season rather than hothouse raised.


One thought on “we’ve set the date!

  1. Hi Barbara, Good to catch up with you and the family. Hope you’ve all recovered from the horrible bugs that have been going around.
    Congratulations on setting a wedding date by the way! Good luck with the flowers.
    Yogi looks like she’s into the Great Outdoors, just like Baby Digger. (Will have to change his name to Little Digger soon as he’s growing up so fast!)
    SWD x

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