Knit, nurse, knackered

The title says some of it, but not all!

Knit – well, that’d be the wedding present I’ve been happily working away at. Quite excited about it as it’s quirky and fun – and not boring to knit. I planned it, saw the fabric shop had indeed re-opened bought the goods and began it, almost half way through now and still have plenty of time. There is actually another thing I’d like to make if I get time but the thing I’ve started is what I really wanted to make so I’m pleased I’ve got on with it. There are so many things these days that I want to do and never get round to.

Nurse, well that’d be Noise (soon to have another name as it doesn’t suit her anymore) and Boo. Vomit city in our house again. I don’t know what it is with those two. Noise was quite poorly as a baby with bronchiolitis and then following that lots of tummy bugs and recurring pneumonia so I always put her susceptibility down to that, she was also bottle fed (whether it makes a difference or not depends on whose opinion you’re asking) which I do feel made a difference, in that when she was poorly she got either half or quarter strength formula or diaoralyte – neither of which comes even close to breastmilk so whether being bottlefed in itself is an issue may be debatable (but not by me) the fact that during illness she couldn’t get what she needed was. Boo, on the other hand was (and still is) breastfed. She’s had breastmilk whenever she’s been poorly and on one occasion it did stop a stay at the hospital. And in this case although she’s been really very sleepy and out of it she hasn’t been as sick as Noise (who I have absolutely NO intention of breastfeeding…), I wonder whether she’s more susceptible because she’s more tired in general than Eddie & Yogi and all the other guys her age. It’s been a week for Noise, Boo started Wednesday and is managing to eat today (well she had toast through the day and then a little bit of dinner this evening) but Noise has returned to vomitting whenever we introduce anything other than chicken soup, and her temperature keeps spiking at over 40 C. Yogi and Eddie have managed (so far, fingers crossed, touch wood) to stay well. Although Yogi has definitely showed signs of jealousy – Boo has been getting far too much attention for her liking which has resulted in increased amounts of ‘nursing’ of the other kind! Tom it seems feels rather a big bit poorly this evening…. he’s been out building a chicken shed all weekend and now he’s really not too good. We’ll have to see how he’s doing tomorrow but I’ve already told him if he’s poorly ‘he has to stay in bed out of my way and not give me anything more to do..’ harsh I think, but I’m

Knackered. Which finishes off my title and explains why I haven’t blogged this week.  And which is why I really should be going to bed instead of blogging, it’s just it’s so nice to be downstairs and awake without someone wanting my attention so here I am.


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