‘spring top week’


I’ve decided to take part in this ‘Spring Top Week’ form Made by Rae . I just need to find a top pattern (although she has some suggestions), or work one out for myself. I’m quite excited about it as I reckon it’s just the kick start I need to get sewing – also it’ll be fantastic to have a top that fits me (finally!).

In other news, the fabric shop has finally re-opened! Although when stocking the newly refurbished store they forgot a few things…. I needed some dpn’s and they didn’t have any at all! They said they’ve a little notebook where they’re making notes on all the things they’ve forgotten! It’s so great to have the store back, so much easier to get the things you need – I think it may even be why I feel newly inspired to craft. Cool bananas.

More from me on springtopweek when I have some patterns to consider. I actually have a cupboard full of patterns, I just need to go through them to see if there’s anything suitable – particularly in light of the fact these patterns were passed to me by my mother and another lady of a slightly older age… mid70’s to late 80’s (their ages not era) patterns are in fact mostly 70’s (era not age this time). Wish me luck in my hunt – you never know I might even find something I’d quite like to get married in….


One thought on “‘spring top week’

  1. For filling pinata you could use little tiny toys (I was lucky as my sister was able to bring stuff from $2 shop in Japan which has really cool things like kaleidoscopes!) But I’m sure you could get creative in making things. I found some henna tattoos and all sorts of other non edible fun things…if you look for them, they will appear.

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