wedding planning….

I figured while I was in a planning mood and thinking about weddings it was about time I got planning ours…. we’ve always had a rough idea of what we want, now it’s time to start making that happen! I’ve sent off for a few quotes for hog roasts, I’ll wait to hear what happens about that as it’s pretty much the only thing I really need to book. A friend has offered to make the cake for us (she made her own cake and it was loverly!).

Here’s where I confess I’ve been married before, and that time I did all the catering and rather fancy catering it was too so I reckon if I can manage to completely cater for 80 guests all by myself I should be able to easily manage salads and deserts for 85?

Biggest problem I have is that I don’t particularly fancy buying all the veg ingredients but I really don’t think we have the space to be able to grow it all, well not and eat some through the summer. Also, I need to look at timings so I can have it all sown in time to be able to pick it all in time! I guess I can plan to grow it all but if it doesn’t all work out then i can buy what I still need. Then there’s the flowers, I’ve said before that She Who Digs grew her own sweet peas for her wedding but I just haven’t been able to get motivated to do it, I may have already  missed the boat too.

I’ve received one quote back and bugger me will they not listen. I specifically said I didn’t want waiter service, I specifically said it was casual not formal sit down and I specifically said that we just wanted the Hog Roast service, so what have they quoted for…. 3 waiters – to set up the ‘venue’ beforehand and to serve tables during, 2 chefs, a buffet to go with the hog roast (also cutlery, crockery & napkins (cloth not paper…)), deserts and the optional extra of tea & coffees. Well if they can’t read a simple email…..

Muffin (who would like to change her name on here from this day forward to ‘Eddie’) and I have been looking at clothes for the wedding and we’ve found a very nice dress (not wedding) that we both like.

So plans are going ahead. I have 2 contacts for marquee hire (local, cheap – not big fancy), we have a florist wholesalers nearby (in fact we have 2 to choose from), somewhere to hire trestle tables. No music though, and not sure quite how to solve that dilemma – actually that’s not true, when I was at school I played clarinet in a Jazz band and Noise (who Eddie thinks should be called Pink, as that’s her favourite colour of all time) thinks they might have one at her school and even if they don’t they do definitely have a couple of bands, and if they don’t then the school her bestfriend (and birthday twin) goes to does, in fact she’s in it.

So, have I solved (on paper) most of the wedding planning issues? Well, possibly. Just the ‘run it past the mother-in-law’ bit to go – wouldn’t normally be an issue but it turns out Tom’s littler big sister has finally gone and gotten herself ‘with child’ after 2 years of trying and her darn due date is in the middle of the 2 dates we’re considering for this wedding! I’ve run it past her and she knows we’ve already had to put it off at least once and she’s happy for us to go ahead but m-i-l is less keen. In fact, almost bit my hand off when I offered to postpone to next June (2010). Those of you that know us will know that we had originally planned to get married June 2008 and so have already put it off once. I DON’T WANT TO PUT IT OFF AGAIN, sorry to shout but I want to make myself heard, even if it’s just to myself so I don’t crumple in a heap and give in.


3 thoughts on “wedding planning….

    • your wedding looks fantastic, I hope we manage to pull ours off as well as you did yours! might have to pinch the compostloo tip…

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