project planning

i think i need a project manager…. “Tom, To-om, Tom” no, he’s not listening – oh yes, Ben Nevis. He climbed it today, then he climbed something else, I don’t know what, I’m sure he’ll tell me Monday when he gets back.

So, back to the need for a project manager! I have a wedding coming up – not mine (let’s not discuss that just yet…. it will happen, I’m sure it will (frowns)) and I’d really like to make the bride and groom something, I can’t tell you what as I know the bride ocassionally drops in here and I’d really rather not tell her, and of course without a ‘project manager’ it might not even happen!

If it was just the one wedding I might not need the project manager but friends of ours are having baby number 2 in July and I’d really like to make something for them. Then there’s wedding number 2 in August and a wedding anniversary at the beggining of September and our new niece or nephew is due at the beginning of September. So, quite a few gifts to make. I don’t have to, the lovely Rach & Tom have asked for copies of quests favourite books rather than traditional gifts but I have something rather cute in mind for them (and it’s not traditional anyhows). I could just go out and buy the others something but I’d rather not, rather put some thought and actual effort into things, they feel worth more then (even if they’re not necessarily very ‘big’ or ‘expensive’.

Haven’t tried out the dishwasher today, figured it wasn’t really worth the risk….

What can I say about today? I’ve finally written out thank you notes for Yogi’s birthday, we got to the library and I took out some lovely books, including a crochet project book – easy crochet as I’m a total beginner! Discovered The Fabric Shop will be re-opening in Burgess Hill soon, yay it’s been such a long time! The girls (little ones) have been lovely, big ones have been out with their dad. Got a book ready to post to a friend. I sorted out my NCT expense claims too, rather overdue in one case but I can try.

Oh, and I bought seeds. Rainbow chard, parsnips and beetroot.

Another thought, should I take part in ‘Race for Life’? I think so but for some reason I’m just not committing to it. I have no idea why not.


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